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Web Design Resources

Using Color on the Web

Color Theory for the Web

About Using Colors on Web Sites from the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, a simple overview that covers the basics well
Web Graphics for Non-Designers from glasshaus, a more sophisticated guide providing very clear descriptions of the uses of various types of color schemes
Tools for Working with Color on the Web

Current Web Design Practice and Theory

  • Site Reference was formed in March of 2004 with the goal to provide Web site owners with a wealth of information and tools to help them improve their Web businesses
  • A List Apart for people who make Web sites
  • Digital Web Magazine is an online magazine intended for professional Web designers, Web developers and information architects.
  • WebWord information about usability and human factors for the Internet
  • Cre8PC Blog intriguing blab about usability, web dev, search engines, Cre8asiteforums and Internet-life stuff.

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Usability and Usability Testing

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